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About the Survey

The Global Survey of Public Servants is a platform for practitioners and researchers to generate improved diagnostics and a better understanding of public service through survey data.  We provide benchmark survey modules and evidence on best practice in surveying public servants.
The project is at its core global, producing data and evidence on public servants across the world. We collaborate widely with government officials and researchers.
Through our work, we aim to understand what methods and approaches work best where and when in surveys of public servants. You can find out more about our survey’s conceptual framework and methodological validation below.

Photo of Pedro Guerra

An ideal civil service survey diagnostic to pursue evidence-based civil service management reforms

Pedro Guerra
Deputy Director of the Civil Service

Photo of Mahir Yagcilar

An international benchmarking instrument that has helped us identify the strengths and weaknesses of our civil service

Mahir Yağcılar
Minister of Public Administration
Kosovo (2011-2020)

Photo of Nana Kwasi Agyekum Dwamena

This survey is the first time I had truly seen my service

Nana Kwasi Agyekum Dwamena
Head of Civil Service

The Survey's Conceptual Framework

The Global Survey of Public Servants is based on a conceptual framework built to help (1) advance our understanding of how public services and states work; and (2) provide actionable evidence for public sector management improvements.

GSPS Conceptual Framework cover page

Download the conceptual

framework here

Conceptual Framework

Current Country Coverage

GSPS coverage map with flags.png

Examples of GSPS Impacts

Diagram of survey impacts

How We Validate Our Survey Measures

We continuously improve our survey measures by leveraging analyses of our unique cross-country civil service data with hundreds of thousands of respondents. For instance, which measures of management practices are most predictive of motivation or integrity in public service? What measures of motivation best explain turnover? Can specific measures be compared internationally (i.e. feature measurement invariance)?

Coming Soon

We are currently working on an edited book on measurement in Public Administration, which will bring together dozens of these analyses, and is expected to be published by the World Bank in 2022

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